NPK 4-3-2
100% Organic Fertilizer

Frass Super-Fertilizer 100% ecological

Enhances exchange of cations, activates and improves soil texture and nutrient utilization

Our fertilizer is carefully screened and pasteurized to ensure a top quality product

Our fertilizer can be used in feed production for fish and pigs. It is applied directly as a fertilizer, to increase soil’s fertility and crops yield.

Balanced nutrients. Promotes growth of roots, stem, and leaves both in vegetables and flowers

Our fertilizer contains:

Crude organics 80.38%, crude protein 11%, nitrogen 3.97%, phosphorus 1.86%, potassium 2.66%, in addition to 7 trace elements of Zn, B, Mn, Mg and Cu, the carbon/nitrogen is 9.86

Improve yield per unit area, enhances disease resistance, increases production

How to use:

As a base manure we recommend no more than 100kg per acre or 24gr per square meter

Crude Organics Contents

Per 100g of frass

Crude Organics 80.38%
Crude Protein 11%
Nitrogen 3.97%
Phosphorus 1.86%
Potassium 2.67%

Base manure

Per acre 100kg
Per square meter 0.024kg

Our fertilizer is dry granular and sand-like with natural porosity useful for oxygen addition, micro ecological balance, and water conservation in the soil. Our fertilizer is dry and scent-free.

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